Surge Protection for Businesses

The risk is real and the damage is often debilitating! Help protect your critical business equipment from damaging power surges.

Install Commercial SurgeShield® Before It's Too Late

Did you know, lightning hits each square mile in Central Florida 40 times a year?* One power surge through your electric lines could damage equipment crucial to your operations and even force you to close your business. The time to think about surge protection is before a disaster strikes!

Commercial SurgeShields

SurgeShield® is installed directly at your meter, providing an effective defense against unpredictable, costly power surges. SurgeShield will help protect the following major hardwired equipment:

  • Air Conditioning systems
  • Electric cooking equipment
  • Elevator and escalator motors
  • Fan motors
  • Pumps
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Motor-driven and hardwired equipment

Help protect your business from expensive surge induced equipment damage and replacement costs. Sign up for Commercial SurgeShield® today!

∗∗A representative will confirm the level of service your business needs.

Commercial SurgeShield®

starting at$19.95** for single phase service and $29.95 for three-phase service**

No installation fee

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